The Cycle

Debt begets debt

That’s a fact we forget

All our jewelry and trainers, our cars and our pets

Make us slaves to the money

That leaves us with regrets


We admire the richest

For the things that they have

We aspire to be them

Whilst we suffer their wrath


If in money we place

All our hopes and our dreams

Then those who create it

Can work wondrous schemes


Just a flash in the past

Was Athenian democracy

Now forcing rifts in our class

Is this constant hypocrisy


As money is lent

To those we give power

It comes with a debt

From which we all cower

This debt will not lessen

It can only grow

So we watch others get poorer

As we reap what they sow


We will never escape

And we will never be free

From the terrible cycle

Until we all see

That money is debt

And debt equals money

And the worst of it all

Is that we partake freely.